Domenica Sunny Lostritto

Sunny (whose legal name is Domenica) has come to exemplify her name, bringing an optimistic and unswerving diligence to her work with Her Justice. She balances being a last semester senior at Fordham University and a being legal administrative intern at Her Justice with admirable grace.

We have come to rely on Sunny not only for her aptitude to learn our constantly changing database and intake process, but also tactfully interact with our clients. As often the first representative of Her Justice that our clients interact with, she approaches each individual with a patience and maturity level far beyond her years. We are very impressed with her work and know she will succeed in her future endeavors.

The Her Justice team wants to thank Sunny for her dedication and embodiment of the Her Justice mission and are thrilled to present her with the Commitment to Justice award!

I volunteer at Her Justice because I believe everyone should have an equal opportunity to legal services no matter their economic background. As a Women’s Studies major at Fordham University, I often see the ways in which women are at a disadvantage in our society today. By volunteering at Her Justice, I see that there is hope for disadvantaged women and Her Justice gives them the opportunity to overcome the legal obstacles they face. Volunteering at Her Justice has meant the world to me. I have learned so much about our legal system and also the harmful effects of domestic violence on women and children. – Domenica Sunny Lostritto