Child and Spousal Support CLE Training

Date & Time: 12/06/2018 from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Location: Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP

Event Type: CLE Trainings

Awards of child and spousal support empower clients and their children with financial stability and security. Support cases revolve around proving the true income of the adverse party, who often receives compensation in cash and is usually far from truthful in disclosing his true income. The Court is not obligated to accept on its face the adverse party’s allegations of his income; instead, New York State law allows the Court discretion to impute income to the adverse party upon a showing of competent testimony and evidence. These cases focus on discovery and, depending on the source of the adverse party’s income, can include expert analysis by a financial forensic firm who will assist on a pro bono basis. An attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of these cases, as there is no right to counsel for support cases, and clients are unable to perform the discovery that is necessary to prove to the Court that the lifestyle and resources of the adverse party exceed his professed income. Volunteer attorneys appear in Court for oral argument, conduct discovery and propose terms of settlement where appropriate, or proceed to trial.

Securing a financial support award can mean freedom from abuse, security for clients and their children, and financial stability. Since a petitioner is not eligible for a court-appointed attorney, obtaining volunteer counsel for a litigated Family Court matter can be life-changing.

Volunteer attorneys conduct interviews, gather information, research case law, and advise and strategize with their clients throughout the course of the litigation. Volunteer attorneys appear in court, participate in case conferences, engage in settlement negotiations and may have the opportunity to engage in a full trial.

Please note that all attendees are expected to take on a matter with Her Justice through this training.


Presenter: Anna Ognibene, Esq.

CLE Credits: 1.0 PP and 1.0 Skills 



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