Happy Valentine’s Day from Her Justice

We’ve come a long way from “Be Mine” and “Babydoll.” This year, we propose doing away with the old-school Valentine’s Day messages that dominate the holiday every year. It’s time we upgraded our messages for a more progressive and inclusive future! It’s not too late to make a tribute gift to Her Justice to honor the people you love.

This Valentine’s Day let’s toss these dated ideas about love and relationships that embrace old-fashioned gender roles and unhealthy relationship dynamics:

“BE MINE” – Instead of equating romance with possessiveness, we support messages that emphasize self-love, being who you are and your partner’s respect for your autonomy. Behavior that is possessive and controlling can often be the first sign of a relationship that becomes emotionally or physically abusive.

“FOREVER” – Not all relationships last forever, and that’s okay. Going into relationships with unrealistic expectations can set up an unhealthy foundation. Valuing the longevity of a relationship over all else can lead someone to stay in an unhealthy relationship far too long.

“BABYDOLL” – Pet names might be endearing, but when these characterizations of women are the norm, we continue a tradition of infantilizing and objectifying women, obsessing over youth, and enforcing outdated gender dynamics.

Instead, Our Her Justice candy hearts declare:

“Shift the Power”        “Be You”                “Love Yourself”

This Valentine’s Day, and all year long, we celebrate empowering women who face injustice due to their race, gender, income level, or immigration status. We celebrate romantic relationships that derive from self-love, authenticity and mutual respect. Most of all, we celebrate the women we’re surrounded by every day: the Her Justice volunteers that make our work possible, the staff members who tirelessly move our work forward, and the resilience and determination of the women we serve.


More information on how to recognize the signs of abuse: https://www1.nyc.gov/nychope/site/page/recognize-abuse