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Thousands of women each year are told by legal services offices that they don’t qualify for help or that they will be at the end of a long waiting list. Many of them forfeit their legal rights because they don’t have a lawyer to represent them, rather than on the merits of their cases.

Her Justice harnesses the power of volunteers from 80 major law firms and corporations who share their talent, energy and commitment to shift the power – enabling women living in poverty in New York City to access the legal system.

Why partner with Her Justice

We specialize in providing well-screened cases, quality CLE training, expert mentoring and networking opportunities to ensure a positive experience for pro bono attorneys and the best outcome for their clients. Learn more

Pro bono program

Attorneys hone legal skills while working on compelling family and immigration law matters, both litigated and non-litigated, tailored to your firm’s pro bono program. Learn more

Continuing legal education trainings

Free CLE trainings available in all our practice areas, live and on video, and our extensive manuals prepare pro bono attorneys to advocate successfully for their clients. Learn more