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Justice for Bessy

Originally from El Salvador, Bessy was abused by her stepfather for years until her mother came to retrieve her and bring her back to the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant.

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Daniela’s Justice

Abused mom reunites with sons after 15 years

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Justice for Abigay

Originally from Jamaica and a resident of Queens, Abigay’s* husband abandoned her and their three young children, ages three, seven, and 10, (the oldest from a previous marriage), when he went to live with another woman. Abigay was able to obtain a divorce, but her ex-husband refused to provide any child support.

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Andrea’s Justice

Andrea* came to the US in 2005 from Honduras.  She met her spouse, a US Citizen, in 2012 and fell in love. They were married in 2013.  Five months into their marriage, Andrea found out that he was addicted to cocaine. He became jealous and possessive of her and he also became violent.

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Yolanda’s Justice

Abused mom finally obtains legal status

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Shirley’s Justice

Abused wife regains financial security after being viciously stabbed by husband

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Esther’s Justice

An abused mother gains custody and child support

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Meet Wende

Wende Zomnir is the Chief Creative Officer and Founding Partner of Urban Decay, an innovative cosmetics company for ‘makeup junkies’ that turned the industry on its head when it was founded in 1996. Through their Ultraviolet Edge Global Initiative to Empower Women, Urban Decay supports a broad spectrum of women’s causes around the world.  “Through Ultraviolet Edge, we are women supporting other women, across the globe,” says Wende.  In just a few years, Urban Decay has channeled over $2 million to empower women by directing sales from a designated beauty product to selected charity partners. The company has been a leadership supporter of Her Justice since 2015.

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Alice M.’s Justice

When Alice M. filed for divorce from her abusive husband, he sued her for access to her retirement benefits, as well as her household possessions. Unable to afford an attorney to protect all that she had worked for, Alice turned to Her Justice.

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Alejandra’s Justice

Abused and abandoned in the US, Alejandra had no legal status and nowhere to turn.

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