Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

We are honoring Stroock, Stroock & Lavan LLP for its exceptional commitment to providing zealous representation to some of the most vulnerable members of our community who would not otherwise have access to justice. Stroock was one of our earliest pro bono partners and has consistently represented clients referred by Her Justice since 1994.

The firm has created a robust and sustainable pro bono program that truly serves as a model for law firm partners of Her Justice and for the pro bono community generally. Under the passionate and thoughtful leadership of Kevin Curnin, the Stroock–Her Justice partnership focuses on cultivating professional experience and litigation skills for associates by representing low-income women in litigated family court and divorce cases—cases where there is often the most urgent need for representation.

After a case is concluded, associates are encouraged to take on a new case, thereby building capacity and expertise, both individually and firm-wide. Each team assigned to a Her Justice case has at least one associate with experience in the particular type of matter. In addition to learning from the Her Justice mentor, associates mentor and learn from each other, and the firm benefits from having a “bench” of associates who have a wealth of experience. As a result, Stroock is able to adeptly handle some of the most complex litigated matters. Stroock has represented 118 women in 146 matters referred by Her Justice, enabling them to overcome the challenges they faced and to obtain financial security and independence.

I volunteer with Her Justice because of the immediate positive impact I can have on a client’s case and life. The sense of relief I see when we first call a prospective client is palpable. I also love the clients. They are resilient, strong women, who, like most parents, only want what’s best for their children. – Elizabeth Carter