Push In NY To Remove Guns From Domestic Abusers


Executive Director Amy Barasch spoke with Brian Shields at WAMC radio about why we support Governor Andrew Cuomo’s measure to give police officers in New York the legal power to remove firearms from a home after a case of domestic violence.

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Take guns out of abusers’ hands


Her Justice Executive Director Amy Barasch authored this opinion in Crain’s on the need to take guns away from domestic violence offenders.

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Advocates on Ways to Protect Women from Domestic Violence


Amy Barasch, the executive director of Her Justice, and Center for Women of New Yorker Founder Ann Jawin, join In Focus Host Cheryl Wills to talk about ways to protect women from domestic violence.

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Can A Domestic Violence Offender Own A Gun? The Reality Is Tricky


Her Justice Executive Director Amy Barasch speaks about the link between domestic violence and mass shootings.

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Reaching out to our Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) clients


Her Justice continues to work tirelessly to serve our clients in this time of uncertainty.  We believe immigrants are part of the fabric of our country, and we stand with all immigrants present in the United States, whether they are undocumented, DACAmented, or documented.

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Justice for victims of domestic violence


by Amy Barasch

Victims of partner violence almost always need things that the criminal court can’t provide, like money, housing, and a guarantee not to be separated from their children… More

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Cumbo Inspires Stair Climb To Help Women In Poverty


Our October 2017 Story by Story stair climb was featured in Kings County Politics.

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Climbers take on over 30 flights of stairs to help victims of domestic violence


Fios1 News featured our October 19th stair climb at the Helmsley Building and interviewed Executive Director Amy Barasch.

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Amanda Doroshow defends immigrant families


Staff Attorney Amanda Doroshow spoke about her work defending immigrant families on the Ladies Who Lovebomb podcast.

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Cuomo’s Proclamation Won’t Fix Our Broken Child-Support System


Her Justice Managing Policy Attorney Rachel Braunstein authored this opinion in Crain’s about the futility of “Child Support Awareness Month” when many of the issues are inherent to a broken justice system.

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