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Hamra Ahmad, Esq.

Director, Legal Services

Esther H. Limb, Esq.

Senior Staff Attorney

Amy Barasch, Esq.

Executive Director

Emily Mead

Director of Development

Margie Bechara, Esq., MBA

Managing Attorney

Jennifer Monge

Senior Pro Bono Coordinator

Rachel L. Braunstein, Esq.

Managing Policy Attorney

Nancy Nagourney

Director of Finance and Operations

Catherine V. Curry, Esq.

Director, Institutional Relations

Anna E. Ognibene, Esq.

Senior Staff Attorney

Wendy Dann-Marcel

Manager, Fundraising Operations

Mary E. O'Shaughnessy

Director, Information Services

Amanda Doroshow, Esq.

Staff Attorney

Endora Pagan

Office Administrator

Rachel Edelman

Director, Events

Alexandra Park

Communications & Development Coordinator

Timothy A. Fallon, Esq.

Senior Immigration Attorney

Sharon Rainey

Director, Communications

Diane Feniello, Esq., MSW

Senior Staff Attorney

Gabriella F. Richman, Esq.

Associate Director, Legal Services

Katelyn Giguere

Legal Assistant

Miriam Y. Santiago

Manager, Finance

Mikaela Gillman

Legal Assistant

Susanna Saul, Esq.

Managing Attorney

Veronica Gonzalez

Social Worker Manager

Emily Sigal

Fundraising Operations Assistant

Marla Granteed

Legal Assistant

Wendy Silva, Esq.

Senior Staff Attorney

Benis Guzman, Esq.

Senior Staff Attorney, Urgent Legal Care Project

Laura Israel Sinrod, Esq.

Senior Staff Attorney

Simone Harstead

Legal Assistant

Meghan Sovey

Americorps/VISTA, Community Outreach Coordinator

Lorraine L. Jarvis, MPA

Manager, Operations

Kirby Tyrrell, Esq.

Staff Attorney - Skadden Fellow

Eva Kalikoff

Executive Assistant

Martha Vargas

Pro Bono Coordinator

Jillian Koes

Manager, Events